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                Loom control system

                The loom control system at the forefront of loom control field of direct drive technology with switched reluctance motor and driver developed by our company, the loom without main clutch and slow motor can realize fast start and stop, and slow and accurate positioning, the average energy saving by 20%.

                Switched reluctance motor and driver
                For the application of custom software and parameters of various industries, changes in current and low anti overload ability outstanding, precise control of the use of high precision encoder control interface, friendly man-machine interface, rich, compact structure, suitable for cabinet installation, with good heat dissipation performance.
                Network monitoring system of loom

                Operation of the client can monitor loom through the computer browser or mobile phone APP, can realize the map view, loom real-time state monitoring, statistics, user management, equipment management, fault management, parameter management, production management, maintenance management, notification management, upgrade and maintenance etc.

                The special training of "good talk" by the mechatronic organization2017-09-14
                9月13日下午五◥点,中自机电为销售部及服务部同事就“如何好好说ζ话”组织↙专题培训。培训由销售部经理㊣ 方巍主讲,内容主◇要围绕沟通、说服、谈判、演讲、辩论这五维话术,结合销售案例、服务☆案例及生活中常见案例,探讨不同场景下的说话技巧。

                2018年的第一个工作日,中自机电销售部频频传来振奋人心的消息,截至下午三点,累计订单∮金额已达500万。其中开关磁阻电机驱动系统◤更是为中自机电2018年的□ 新征程打了一针强心剂,前≡期的现场调试应用不仅赢得了客户的信任和好评,还获得了新一年的首批订单。

                Zhejiang Mechatronics Control Technology Co., Ltd.
                Specializing in the field of equipment manufacturing automation, R & D, marketing and engineering services is one of the high-tech enterprises, condensing the domestic first-class talents, and master the core of the embedded system control technology, the most advanced switched reluctance motor drive control algorithm.
                • 10years

                  Focus on R & D

                • 1000+service


                • 100+patents

                  have been patented

                • Sales Hotline:15397058263 18067906732 18067909630
                • Address: No. 260, No. 6 street, Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, self science and Technology Park
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